How Have the ADU Laws Changed for 2020 & 2021?

Lawmakers in California enacted a series of new ADU laws that virtually kill single family zoning.

These new ADU laws are a blessing for Los Angeles homeowners as it now make it possible to build a triplex on most single family zoned properties. These laws give property owners additional rights to add housing units and other accessory structures to their homes.

Detailed below are the ADU law changes for 2020 and into 2021...

  • AB 68
    This ADU law requires planning and building departments to either approve or deny an ADU project within 60 days of receiving a completed ADU application. Cities and municipalities can't drag their feet and make you wait for permits anymore.

    Although this has not been an issue in the City of Los Angeles (they have been approving or denying ADU projects within about 30-40 days), it is nice to know that cities can't drag their feet and make you wait longer than 60 days for an approval.

  • SB 13
    Eliminates the requirement that the ADU or the primary dwelling be "owner-occupied". This means you can rent both the ADU and the primary residence and hold the property as an investment. This is great for small investors and owners that want to buy a new home without selling their existing home.

    This law also states that agencies cannot impose an impact fee on ADUs smaller than 750 sqft, which will save thousands of dollars in many cities.

    Again, this has not been an issue in Los Angeles, but there are many cities and municipalities throughout Los Angeles County that were requiring impact fees that added tens of thousands of dollars to the cost of building an ADU. Those fees are no longer legal.

  • AB 670
    HOA Limitations - This law makes in illegal for HOAs to "prohibit or unreasonably restrict" the construction of ADUs on single family zoned lots. HOAs can no long get in the way of homeowners building an ADU in their backyards.

    HOAs can continue to set guidelines on design, but can no longer prohibit their construction

As you can see it has never been a better time to design and build a new ADU or Granny flat in the City of Los Angeles.

Due to the severe housing shortage the State of California is practically begging homeowners to build Guest Homes that they will rent out or use for aging family members, etc.

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