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We can help you with any stage of the ADU planning and construction process, including...

  • Feasibility & Planning
    Know exactly what and where you can build your new Guest Home or Granny Flat. We'll help you determine what type of ADU best fits your lifestyle and budget, and even prepare a detailed construction budget for your ADU.
  • Design & Construction Drawings
    We have a wonderful team of ADU Architects and Designers who understand the ADU law and design beautiful, efficient homes. We'll meet with you to discuss your new ADU design and make your design ideas come to life.
  • Building Approvals & Permits
    Leave the approvals and permits up to us - the professionals. Our designers can match your existing home style, or can create an all new ADU design based on the style you like.
  • ADU Construction
    Let's face it, construction projects can be a pain in the neck. Don't you wish you had an ADU builder that would guarantee the price and time line for your new ADU? We're expert builders and will get your ADU, Guest House or Granny Flat completed on-time and on-budget! We will finish on time and on budget - if not we'll pay you for every day your project is delayed.

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ADU Types

A Detached ADU is a great option for you if you have the room for one. Detached ADUs provide the most privacy due to their separation from the main residence. Your new ADU will not share any walls with the main house and will be a welcome addition to your backyard.

The Return On Investment (ROI) for a detached ADU is off the charts. Let's get started. Request a FREE ADU Consultation to explore your options.

Attached ADUs are great when your current home is on a small lot, and the set backs required by the zoning code make it hard to fit a detached unit on your property. You can create an awesome attached ADU by carving out a portion of your existing home, or really increase the value of your property by adding an attached ADU addition.

Attached ADUs allow homeowners the ability to add an ADU without sacrificing a large portion of their property. We're looking forward to chatting about your Attached ADU project!

Garage conversion ADU's are the least expensive to build and are the fastest to get approved. Garage conversion ADUs are also the quickest of any of the ADUs to build. If you want to add some quick cash flow to your property, or just need additional living space quickly, a Garage Conversion ADU might be your perfect solution.

Do yourself a favor and contact us about building your new Garage ADU. We'll guide you through the whole process.

Turn Key Guest Homes

Hire us to be your ADU designer or builder and we'll perform a thorough evaluation of your property. And help you determine the best ADU type for your lifestyle, goals, and budget.

Whichever type of ADU you decide to build, we'll make sure the design is functional and the quality of construction is second to none. Your new Granny Flat or Guest House will be built "above code"... meaning the building envelope, air quality, and insulation will be healthier and higher quality than an ADU built to today's standard code requirements.

Or, do you already have a design and plans, and just need an expert builder? We're happy to help. Give us a call at (213) 423-0470 and let's discuss your new ADU construction project.

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What's Included In My ADU?

Everything! Well, more accurately, everything you'll need to be comfortable and healthy in your new Accessory Dwelling Unit.

But if you want super fancy tile... or professional quality appliances... those are considered upgrades and we can supply those based on your budget. We can talk about upgrades to your Granny Flat during our initial consultation.

All of our guest homes come standard with really cool features like airtight building envelopes, upgraded insulation, and real plywood sheathing - just to name a few.

We use only the best quality material and the finest ADU craftsmanship - guaranteed.

And the best part... we can have a new ADU designed and built in as little as 6 months!

100% Financing Available!

Did you know you can finance a new Guest House or Granny Flat with zero out of pocket? Ask me how!

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